May 19, 2016

Remember we are going to the Splash Pad tomorrow at 11:00.  I still have students that have not returned permission slips and $1.00.  Please help them remember to have everything they need tomorrow:  sunscreen, lunch, money, towels, sunglasses, flip flops or water shoes, and dressed appropriately.  Girls need a one piece swimsuit with a t-shirt  as a cover or shorts and t-shirt.  There will be a concession stand open if they would like snacks.  We are praying for no rain so we can have a blast!


May 10, 2016

Wow!  STAAR is over!  The kids worked very hard both days and deserve a break, so we are having a

Read -in tomorrow.  They are allowed to bring a beach towel, small pillow, snack and lots of books to read.

We are going to relax and enjoy reading!

Next week we have 2 events that you should be aware of:

Wednesday, 4th grade will be participating in their Field Day!  Be sure your child dresses appropriately,

wears sunscreen, and is ready to have fun!

Friday, 4th grade will be traveling to the White Oak Splash Pad.  Once again, be sure your child dresses

appropriately and wears sunscreen.  There will be a note sent home about this trip.

I will be updated my blog with other activities as they happen.

Thank you,

Susan Wiley


May 1, 2016

One more week until the STAAR test!  This will be the last week for Reading homework and there will not be another Reading log sent home.

Please encourage your children to work hard on this last homework before the test next week.  They should be proving their answers, stopping to jot notes about what they are reading, and I encourage them to read the questions FIRST!  I am very confident they will do well.  They have worked hard and learned many strategies to help them survive the test.

Thank you parents for helping them along the way with their homework and reading logs…it does pay off.

Susan Wiley