April 24, 2020

Please have your child check their google classroom Reading page for assignments that need to be completed.

Also, if they have completed any workbook pages, please send me a picture to [email protected]

If they are working on Readworks, I can see their completed work and grades.

Thank you to those of you that have already done this!!

April 16, 2020

Since we are not sending home packets this week, I am uploading skills review onto Google Classroom and adding reading assignments to www.readworks.org.  The first skills review I uploaded is Author’s Purpose.  It can be done digitally by clicking and dragging the answers and typing onto some of the pages.  If I did not upload it correctly and it doesn’t work, PLEASE let me know by emailing me.  I appreciate it!

[email protected]

When students are reading any book, please ask them what the Author’s Purpose is of the book.  They can write/type a short summary of the book also.

If they are reading Tiger Rising, there are several assignments uploaded on our class Facebook page that can be completed.  Please choose the assignments that are appropriate for your child.


March 28, 2020

Another activity for students to work on is the website www.readworks.org.  The assignments on this site are 4th grade level reading assignments, STAAR like passages and questions, and are something the students are familiar with.  I will continue to add assignments but for right now there are 5 different passages for them to work on.  I always choose the audio option for them when I assign readworks.  It will read the passage, the questions and answer choices to them.

The log in codes are:

Wiley  VTCNU2

Vineyard  5SLECE


March 28, 2020

I have uploaded a few ideas on our Facebook page for students to work on if they are reading Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo.

I will continue to add activities for this book and activities that can be used with any chapter book.

Please allow your kids to read what they are interested in and enjoy reading but encourage them to read other genres also.

Make them get out of their comfort zone every once in a while.  Examples:  newspapers, magazines, recipes, etc…  Let them read the recipes and help you cook.  Find a how-to activity like making a paper airplane for them to complete or how to garden, or make homemade bread, etc…

This is an uncertain time for all of us but also a great time to slow down from our busy, normal schedules and enjoy our families.

I am having a little anxiety about not being on a normal school schedule, not seeing the kids faces, and missing my coworkers.  I know the kids may feel the same way.  I am not the best at technology but I am learning how to use Zoom so we CAN see each other.  Hopefully, they have already been on Zoom and been able to see their friends. Thank you for being patient with me as I navigate a new way of teaching!

Hope to see everyone soon!


Mrs. Wiley







March 25, 2020

How many students are reading “Tiger Rising?” by Kate DiCamillo?

I have activities planned to go with the book that I can upload to the facebook page or here on the blog.

I sure miss everyone so much and am ready to get back to our routine!  I miss having a schedule, reading to the kids, and getting hugs!

Hope to see you guys soon!  I’m still trying to get Zoom up and running so we can see each other’s faces!

March 19, 2020


I would  like to encourage your children to document in a journal facts about what is happening in the world right now.  Document their thoughts, feelings, activities, and what they see on the news.  This is an historical event.  I am always telling them when we talk about Texas History that those people from the past were just regular people like us living their lives/trying to survive.  They didn’t know we would be reading about their lives/ the decisions they made/events they lived through.  I’m hoping students will document what is happening for future reference.   This event will be in future history books.


The book we were suppose to be reading this week and next is called Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo.  She is the same author that wrote Because of Winn Dixie which we read at the beginning of the year.  I have several activities already planned to accompany Tiger Rising which I will be glad to share online.  I will be posting those assignments here on my blog next week so students can complete them if they choose.

I truly miss each and every one of my students and I am looking forward to getting back to our routine.  I enjoy being at home, but I need/want to get back to work!

I look forward to seeing them soon and please check my blog for future assignments.

Enjoy your extra time with your kids!

March 19, 2020

After students read at home or listen to storylineonline.net they can complete the following activities:

Summarize the story/chapters

Put the story in order

Compare themselves to a character

Write a letter to the author

Write a letter to a character

Illustrate the story/chapters

Make a playlist for the main character

Change the setting and discuss how the story would change

Make a list of character traits of all the characters

What is the theme/lesson of the story

Why do you think the author wrote the story

Find 5-10 new words in the story:  look them up in the dictionary, illustrate them, write sentences with them

Make a picture frame summary of the story