November 12, 2015

Parents please  ask students if they are filling in their reading logs that are due on Nov. 24th.  This is for a grade and is an easy 100 in the grade book.  Just read every night!  Several students have already turned their completed log in to me.

Next week, I will not assign vocabulary words but students will have a passage to complete and return by Friday, Nov. 20th.

Please remember to send can goods to school with your child for our food drive which will end on Nov. 20th.  This is a contest betweens grades so let’s win this thing!

Also, my Reading classes have taken home a turkey to “dress” and return.  Please have students finish those so we can display them before Thanksgiving!

Progress reports will go out next week, also.

Nov. 2, 2015

Vocabulary words for test of Friday:

1.  memorable – interesting and worth remembering

2. horrified – shocked and scared

3. outcast – person rejected by a group

4. shortage – lack of something needed

5. seafaring – traveling or working at sea

6. tidal –  having to do with the ocean and tides

7. foaming – bubbling on top of the water

8.  condition – the way someone or something is

9. betrayed – hurt by someone or something that was once thought to be loyal

10. yearning – a feeling or wanting something very badly