Sept. 11, 2017

Listed below are a list of the current vocabulary words we are working on:

  1.  immediately – right away
  2. missionary – someone who preaches in a foreign country
  3. distracted – too busy to pay attention
  4. fortunate – lucky, well off
  5. constellations – patterns made by the stars
  6. congregation – people who are part of a church

The next list we will begin to work on later in the week is listed below:

  1.  positive – certain
  2. grand – wonderful
  3. expensive – costly
  4. irritating – annoying
  5. trustworthy – honest
  6. identical – alike

We will be matching the words with the definitions, illustrating the words, and playing charades with the words.

Sept. 11, 2017

Just a quick reminder about out field trip tomorrow, Sept. 12.  If your child has not brought their $5.00 or permission form please have them bring it tomorrow!!!

Also, many students are not returning their Reading logs completed on Fridays.  If logs are not turned in on Fridays, students will have to sit during recess and fun Friday to read.  This Reading Log is a weekly homework assignment that is helping them to be better/stronger readers.  Please encourage them to be responsible and read each night for 20 minutes.

Thank you!!!

August 25, 2017

Even with an eclipse and a hurricane on the way we are organized and ready to start the year!

Happenings the week of August 28th:

We will begin analyzing character’s actions/feelings in a novel  called “Because of Winn Dixie”.  Reading logs will be coming home on Monday.  We will have parent orientation on Tuesday evening.  Graded papers should come home on Wednesday.  Last but not least, the pep rally will be on Friday.  Be sure to send a note to me ahead of time, so I can have your child ready to be picked up early.

Thanks for sharing your sweet kids with me!


May 11, 2017

Just a reminder that every child needs to bring a permission form for the Splashpad field trip and $1.00.  We will be going on Thursday, May 18th.


Also, if your child has not brought their poster board for our Biography project, please send it ASAP.  We are starting our research today and tomorrow.

April 18, 2017

We only have about 3 weeks until the STAAR test!  So, please be helping your child at home with homework.  Some students will complete it and then have parents correct it, some work together with parents to complete it, and some get their older brother and sisters to help out. Whatever works for your family is fine.   Homework this week is due on Friday since we had a day off on Monday.

This homework is extremely important practice for the real STAAR!

Thank you for supporting your child at home!

Susan Wiley


Feb. 6, 2017

Reading homework is going home today and is due back on Thursday.  Students will be rewarded with praise tickets if everything is completed on the homework.  Homework may be turned in late on Friday but with fewer tickets as a reward.  No homework by Friday will result in students missing Fun Friday and completing a passage equivalent to the homework.

Jan. 30, 2017

Homework Next Week!


Next week we will begin Reading homework.  Each week a passage will go home on Monday and be due on Friday.  Students know the following strategies to help them work their way through each passage:

U – Underline the title and write what genre it belongs to

N – Number the paragraphs

W – Walk through the questions first before reading the passage

R- Read the passage and jot notes in the margins

A – Answer the questions

P – Prove your answers

If they will use these strategies on each passage, they will be successful.  Please encourage and support them as they are working on this homework.  Some of the passages are difficult.


December 6, 2016

Remember next Friday, Dec. 16th,  is the last day for Reading logs to be turned in.  So,  be sure your child is reading and you are signing their logs.

Also, if they are participating in the Book It program, they must read 12 days and record on their Book It calendar.  The last day for this is Dec. 16th also.

Next week is very busy!  All of my Reading students were asked to write all activities in their planners and the information is on the Intermediate website, so check one of those places for all information.

Merry Christmas!!