Nov. 14, 2016

New Vocabulary words for the week:

  1. social – living together in groups
  2. exchange – the giving of one thing to another
  3. storage – a place for storing things
  4. transport – to move from one place to another
  5. chamber – an enclosed space or compartment
  6. excess- more than is needed
  7. reinforce – to make stronger with support or help
  8. scarce – not enough
  9. obstacles – something that blocks the way
  10. transfer – to cause to move from one place to another

Nov. 14, 2016

Things to know:

Friday is a D.E.A.R. Day in my Reading classes.  Students may bring beach towels, small pillows and books to read.

Choir students have a busy day on Friday.  Please check with your child if they are in choir for more info.

Career Projects are due on Friday.

Reading Logs are due Dec. 16th for a grade in the grade book.  Make sure your child is completing the log as they read each night.

Next week we are off due to Thanksgiving holidays!!!



Nov. 7, 2016

Vocabulary words for the week:

  1. politics – the working of the government
  2. intelligent – having the ability to learn, think, understand or know
  3. disorderly – not behaving according to the rule
  4. approve – to give permission for something to happen
  5. polls – a place where people vote
  6. legislature – a group of people with the power  to change make or change laws
  7. amendment – a change made to improve, correct, or add something
  8. candidate- a person who seeks an office or is put in office
  9. informed – having or showing knowledge of a subject or situation
  10. deny- to refuse to give

Nov. 1, 2016

Remember tomorrow is an early release day for students.  Teachers will be having training in the afternoon.

Also, our Food Drive begins Nov. 7th and ends on Nov. 11.

Remind students to record on their Reading Log each time they read.  That log will be due by Dec. 16th for a grade in the grade book and for tickets.