Sept. 29, 2016

Remember there is no Pep Rally tomorrow!!! It is a regular day for us.

Also, please make sure your child is recording the times they read on the Reading Log.  That will be due

October 20th.

Our class is almost finished with our first novel, Because of Winn Dixie.  We have enjoyed this book and are looking forward to watching the movie in a couple of weeks.  Please ask your child to talk to you about the book and characters.

September 7, 2016

Students have been given a Reading Log (stapled in planners)  this week that will be due on October 20th, which is the end of the nine weeks.  They have the option of turning it in early and receiving a new log.

They are to record the time they read each day and have a parent sign the log.

When the log is complete, they are to return it to me and exchange for tickets.

Please encourage/remind your child to read as much as possible.  I know some days are busy, but it will greatly increase their vocabulary.  The vocabulary on the STAAR is difficult so they need to be prepared.

Thank you for your support at home!

Susan Wiley



August 31, 2016

We have almost made it through our second week of 4th grade!  We are working on expectations for classroom behaviors and learning routines.  The kids are doing a great job and adjusting well.

I have not started sending homework with students yet, so don’t panic.  The most important homework for Reading is to READ, READ, READ!  Read to your child, read with your child, have them read to their pets, their siblings, in the car, while you are cooking dinner, etc…

Have them read their library books, magazines, the newspaper, recipes, etc…

There is no homework I can send home that could take the place of just sitting down to read for 20 minutes each night.

Developing a love for reading is priceless.

Thank you for all your support and hard work at home.

Each week I will try to suggest a website to support our classwork.  This week we have visited  Check it out!

Susan Wiley