March 21, 2016

New reading logs will be coming home today and they are due back on April 22nd.  If all reading logs are turned in on time, the class will earn extra recess.

Thursday is a busy day:  Report cards go home, Spring pictures, and Easter Parties.  Our party will consist of ice cream sundaes at 10:45!

March 15, 2016

Reading homework is due on Thursday.

Vocabulary test on Friday.

  1. politics – the science, art, and work of government
  2. intelligent – having the ability to learn, think, understand and know
  3. polls – the place where votes are cast
  4. legislature – the body of people with the power to make and change laws
  5. amendment – a change made to improve, change, or add
  6. disorderly – not behaving according to the rules
  7. approve – to consent officially
  8. candidate – a person who seeks to run for office or position
  9. informed – prepared with knowledge
  10. deny – to refuse to give or withhold something