Feb. 22, 2016

Reading homework this week is a passage called “Man and Girl and Beast”, which is due on Friday.

Writing Benchmark will be Tuesday.

Early release is Wednesday.

Make sure students are filling out their Reading logs daily and working on their President project, both are due next week.

Feb. 9, 2016

New Reading logs are coming home today.  They will be due March 2nd.

Reading homework is also coming home today.  It is due this Friday.

Remember decorated Valentine boxes/sacks and 22 Valentines need to be here Friday morning.  We will not have a party on Friday, but the kids will exchange cards and have a snack the last few minutes of the day.


Feb. 5, 2016

Social Studies Assignment due March 3rd.

Students will choose a president, research  and report on him on March 3rd.

Students have been given a note that gives them ideas/choices of how they can report to the class.  Some of the ideas are: book report, shoebox diorama, mobile, slide show, dress up as the character, make a movie, tri-fold board, pizza box, foldables, write a play, etc…

They are very excited about this assignment!!